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Ozone has been used successfully around the world for over 80 years to treat over 150 ailments. In some clinics around the world, ozone is the first agent given to each and every patient that enters the clinic regardless of their ailments. Oxygen addresses the key issues in almost all disease conditions Oxygen delivery, circulation and immune system functions.


Oxylisious is the first Medical Ozone organisation in South Africa to offer a Certified Medical accreditation in Medical Ozone. Should you wish to join the Oxylisious Franchise, you will not only receive training and continual development in the Science of Medical Ozone but you will get the opportunity to receive a fully accredited EU Medical Certificate from the Medical Ozone Research Institute, approved by the Ozone Society.

Based in the UK, the Medical Ozone Research Institute focuses on preparing the practitioner to understand the major scientific principles and applications of Medical Ozone.

You will:

  • Learn how to manage medical ozone gas

  • Learn how to use the therapeutic range and the exceptions of this range.

  • Understand how to use its chemical and physical properties to your advantage, with a complete array of systemic and dermal applications and the classification of clinical and nonclinical applications.

  • Learn the basic protocol elements and how to use nutrition and supplements management with medical ozone.

The theoretical course has 57 modules, which require approximately 200 hours of study time. The online course provides a list of literature you may require, additional reading and research material, including any online lectures. Once completed, you can apply for the examination that can be taken and completed online.

Join the Oxylisious Family and become a qualified medical professional in Medical Ozone Therapy!


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