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Important Things to Know Before Booking a Call!

Hi, this is Angie Abalisious Clausen. 

This will be DIFFERENT from any other “wellness evaluation”  call that you have scheduled in your life before.


#1 I will be sharing valuable health, wellness and holistic healing tips with you, show you tangible results and blow your mind with cutting edge ”New Age’’ methods to reach your optimal health. You will actually be speaking to one of the TWO amazing Angie’s who the run Oxylisious operation.

#2. We will show you exactly how to see what is going on in your body.   As well as how to get instant RESULTS. Wether you are a Mom wishing to improve your family’s overall health and immune system or a Doctor with a well established practice. We have an offer tailor made just for you budget and situation. 

On this call I will explain how Ozone Therapy can benefit you and YOUR business or current situation.  

You will easily get thousands of rands worth of valuable information on this call…

…which is exactly what you want isn’t it,  a systemised process that is focused on RESULTS.

#3. Fill out an application to guarantee your booking.

#4. This is usually a charged consultation however I will be doing this call free of charge as I would like for you to make an informed decision on the best offer to suit your budget and situation. 

However, if you do not have a business and would like to start one let us show you how. PLEASE DO NOT BOOK A CALL and take a slot if you are not serious about this opportunity and willing to put in the work. This is a very high level call meant for people who are serious about optimal health and business opportunities.

#5. If you do not show up for your booked call you will NOT get a second chance. So, please take this serious and show up with intention.  

Assuming you’re good with all the above, I look forward to talking with you soon! 

What I will cover in the call:


Angie Clausen's Personal Tips & Tricks To Create A successful Business.

Angie Clausen

I have always been extremely health conscious. I qualified as  a Personal Trainer in 2000 and I have been practising and teaching Pilates for the past 7 years. I needed to make money for my time. I was struggling with some health issues, my partner suggested we introduce Ozone therapy into the studio, as he has worked with Ozone therapy for over 20 years, he knew about the healing benefits. The equipment arrived in early Feb 2017. I started a treatment twice a week on myself I had the most unbelievable results.

It suddenly dawned on me that I can physically prove that Ozone Therapy can give you instant tangible results. Isn’t that what we all want we want a quick fix. I have worked with overweight women and men who absolutely hate exercise… Now what if I told you, I could prove, that with just 20 minutes of Ozone Therapy you will lose body fat, improve circulation, increase the muscle mass, improve hydration, with a list of over 100 other amazing benefits… you can’t go wrong with #Oxylisious

In 2019 I completed an Ozone Therapy Diploma which included 10 days in London doing practical experience. The course is recognised in the European Union.

Reviews by our franchise owners:

I started in 2010 with Ozone Therapy after being diagnosed with two autoimmune diseases in 2008. I was on chemo tablets , pain killers , inflammatory tablets etc . I ended up in hospital and was paralysed for 3 months I was so tired of hospitals , doctors and medicine that are not working, I actually asked God to rather take me or give me other alternative options for healing . Then one day i ran into an old friend of mine and she introduced me to Ozone Therapy she had her own business. Due to my illness I was no longer employed. I went for numerous treatments 5days on two days rest. and again 5days treatments , 6 weeks rest and then repeat the treatment. I eventually wined myself off of all the chemical medicines. Ozone therapy became my lifestyle and eventually she asked if I would help her in her clinic. So my exciting journey started studying and researching ozone therapy and natural healthcare products. I started with my own Ozone therapy spa OZONE ZEPHYR In 2013 and saw so many benefits and experienced it first hand.
Ilsa Scheepers
I have been doing ozone therapy from home in Westville for just over a year now, since 2019. Besides seeing all the amazing results from many clients, I have a personally experienced amazing results from doing ozone three times a week. The first thing that I noticed was that my sleep improved, then my poor circulation, (cold hands and feet and restless legs), has literally disappeared. The other thing that has improved is my IBS. I am regular now and don't feel fatigued, in fact, I have so much energy it drives my husband crazy! All I can say, ozone therapy is the best natural wellness business that I started and I am so grateful to be able to help others on their wellness journey at an inexpensive fee." Wellness, the choice is yours!
Dee Archak

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