Ordinary People Doing Extraordinary Things

By: Angie Abalisious Clausen (South Africa)

Oxygen Therapist, Pilates Practitioner, Wellness Coach


#JTFoxx international public speaking genius, Worlds #1 Wealth Coach, mentor to some of the worlds most famous actors, musicians, artists, #StrengthByLoyalty #FamilyFirst.

You can only be inspired by this super hero!

My journey with #JTFoxx started on the 26th of July 2018 I received an email prior to this event with an invitation to #MegaSpeaker this was a FREE event at the Royal Hotel in Durban. I was in a transitional time in my life, I had just launched Oxylisious with my partner. I agree to attend the presentation because I was looking for guidance on how to action my ideas.  I needed a game plan.

Seeing it was only an hour drive, I accepted the invitation that had been sent to me on email, registered for the event with my assistant Kelsey and off we went.


This event was jammed packed at this stage I didn’t really know anything about #JTFoxx or his organization, I was just like “man this is just too busy for me”. We were just about to leave. A lady by the name of Tracey (she plays an important role in the #JTFoxx organization) stopped us and said, “hey, where are you girls going?” I said, “there is nowhere to sit, seats are all taken”. Tracey took Kelsey and I right up front we were sitting on the floor, we had the best seats in the house. The presentation began.

#JTFoxx came out and started talking about his love for South Africa, he got my attention right away, #JTFoxx started sharing his valuable pearls of wisdom sharing these unbelievable testimonials. “What have you done for you country?” he asked… This is a man that genuinely cares about people, he cares about people in this country. WOW he is an American from Canada, doing a FREE life changing event in OUR country, telling us “if you are born broke it is not your fault, but if you die broke it is your fault…”.

I was so incredibly inspired about what he was saying it was like a light went on in my head, he was talking about “go find someone who is successful” ACTION your ideas those words resonated with my soul, right there and then I started typing an email to Margaret Hirsch and cc’d in her PA. The Hirsch group was started by Margaret and Alan Hirsch, they have 13 huge department stores throughout South Africa. Margaret has been to my studio for #Oxylisious Ozone treatment, she had amazing results. Ozone Therapy is one of the most phenomenal treatments, I have been involved in the wellness industry for 18 years and I have never seen results like this. As far as building muscle mass and dropping body fat is concerned this is the best product. Margaret Hirsch has a Women in Business networking morning once a month in each store across the country. #JTFoxx was talking about action and getting on a plane and flying around the world, so in the email to Margaret I requested that I fly to Cape Town for 2 days and do 2 presentations at 2 different stores. One was in Milnerton and the other in Somerset West. This is a 2 hour flight from where my flagship branch is based. What happened from there is nothing short of amazing.

I am a Pilates practitioner a Wellness Coach and an Ozone Therapy therapist. I run 2 companies Abalisious Pilates Health and Wellness (www.abalisous.com) I own a Pilates studio, I am qualified to teach and practice Pilates.

I have always been extremely health conscious. I qualified as  a Personal Trainer in 2000 and I have been practising and teaching Pilates for the past 7 years. I needed to make money for my time. I was struggling with some health issues, my partner suggested we introduce Ozone therapy into the studio, as he has worked with Ozone therapy for over 20 years, he knew about the healing benefits. The equipment arrived in early Feb 2017. I started a treatment twice a week on myself I had the most unbelievable results.


#JTFoxx was talking about tangible results and sharing all these amazing testimonials, it suddenly dawned on me that I can physically prove that Ozone Therapy can give you instant tangible results. Isn’t that what we all want we want a quick fix. I have worked with overweight women and men who absolutely hate exercise… Now what if I told you, I could prove, that with just 20 minutes of Ozone Therapy you will lose body fat, improve circulation, increase the muscle mass, improve hydration, with a list of over 100 other amazing benefits… you can’t go wrong with #Oxylisious

In April 2018 I launched a company called Oxylisious Ozone Therapy selling the Ozone Therapy machine, the business model has been hugely inspired by #JTFoxx.

Soon to be launched: Cannalisious, we will be launching a company infusing CBD into protein shots.

#JTFoxx was explaining to the audience that there is strength in numbers “why do a presentation for 1 person when you can create a platform or infiltrate an organization that is already highly successful. I realized at that point that if I could get Margaret Hirsch to indorse my brand that big things could start happening for me.

#JTFoxx continued with the presentation talking about celebrity branding. #JTFoxx was saying that Vanilla Ice was coming to South Africa, if we bought a ticket a VIP ticket, we could attend a private show with Vanilla Ice and have our photo taken with him. I was totally blown away, I honestly thought, “is this guy for real?”

I decided to go for it and bought the ticket for the event, the ticket included a series of books ‘Persuading your way to millions’ so I actioned my plan. On the 1st September I flew to JHB and had the most unbelievable experience.


Standing there looking at my childhood hero, wow man it was surreal. My little brother and I knew the words to Ice Ice Baby backwards we were jamming hard to those tunes when we were just 8 & 9 years old.

I used the tools I learnt at #MegaSpeaker and did as many presentations as I could using the Hirsch Stores as my platform, to date we have setup 11 franchises across South African in 8 months I want this business to go global thanks to #JTFoxx I am well on my way to making millions.

I want to be a billionaire, I know with #JTFoxx NOTHING is impossible I am not afraid to dream big my goal is to get to LA on the 7th of January 2019 for the exclusive brand training session with #JTFoxx and Vanilla Ice. Oh yeah, and even had my picture with Vanilla Ice. Thank you, JT Foxx!

Source: JT Foxx Succes Stories: Results Don’t Lie